To ensure an effective operation for any professional body, it is essential that it elects positions from amongst its membership to allow it to function fully. Such positions are open to Chartered Members who are invited to provide their experience, skills and time in a voluntary capacity to the work of the Institute set within the Strategic and Corporate Plans approved by Council. Contributing in such a capacity is two-way and Members who have been involved have benefited and learnt from their experiences.

Within the Institute’s governance, there are a number of core roles collectively known as the Honorary Officer positions. These encompass the President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Vice-President Education, Vice-President Practice and Vice-President Technical. These are all undertaken by Chartered Members in a voluntary capacity other than expenses which are paid for by the Institute.

This year there are three positions for election and nominations for these closed on 2 June 2017. Below are the nominated candidates and their mainfesto/profile:

Honorary Officer elections 2017: nominees standing for election

Honorary Secretary: Gordon Souter MCIAT

Nominated candidate: Gordon J Souter MCIAT

I am delighted and honoured to have been nominated again for the position of Honorary Secretary and if elected, I will continue to serve the Institute with immense pride, passion and dedication.

Having worked in the built environment sector for over 30 years, during this time I have worked mainly in the house building sector. Presently, I am Design Manager for Persimmon Homes North Scotland.

I have been a member of CIAT since 1993, involved at Regional level for nearly 20 years and at national level for the last twelve years. During this time I have gained a sound knowledge of the workings of the Institute and it is this acquired knowledge which I would utilise to maintain the reputation and stature of the Institute.

I am passionate about the Institute and I believe I have shown this by my commitment to the Committees I have served on and the positions I have held. As our Institute is run by the members for the members, it is important that members give their time to continue the growth and enhance the recognition of CIAT. I will always encourage members to get involved, especially the youth, as they will shape the future of CIAT.

Whilst the position of Honorary Secretary is not as high profile as that of the other Officer positons, it is nonetheless an important one. At this time the Institute is functioning well and as Honorary Secretary I would maintain this by dealing with potential issues swiftly and efficiently as well as providing support to my fellow Officers and the staff at City Road. I am not afraid to make the tough decisions when/if required.

It is my belief that the position of Honorary Secretary requires a steady and level headed approach, with good analytical and mediation skills to ensure the smooth operation of the Institute and the correct application of its policies and procedures. I possess the necessary attributes to ensure this process is maintained.

An important part of any organisation is to ensure that the regulations and policies are current, fit for purpose and where possible future proof. I have, and would, continue to work closely with the staff to ensure currency of documentation and I will continue with this if elected again. This is especially important as we expand internationally.

I will also work closely with the Chief Executive to drive forward the Corporate, Strategic and Business Plans to the benefit of the Institute.

I do not have an agenda for radical changes however if I see an opportunity to change systems for the benefit of the Institute then I will work with the appropriate Officers and staff to implement the changes as smoothly as possible.

I would consider it an honour and a privilege to be given the opportunity to serve the members of the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists for a further two years.

Vice-President Education: Paul Laycock MCIAT

Nominated candidate: Paul Laycock MCIAT

I feel once again honoured to accept this nomination for the position of Vice-President Education, and if re-elected I will continue to push forward and promote the ideals of educational excellence in Architectural Technology.

The past two years as Vice-President Education have been a worthwhile experience, I believe just two years is not long enough to make a real and lasting impact. I have promoted the highest standards in education, research and membership on many platforms and will continue this at the highest levels possible to strengthen our position as the lead qualifying body in Architectural Technology.  

In my time as Vice-President, we have seen the beginning of a re-imagining of the Institute’s Research Group, an area I feel is vital to raising the profile of the Institute and seeing our members leading the field in all aspects of advanced technical and materials research; strengthening our university based Centres of Excellence and cascading this world-leading expertise to our developing members currently in the education system.  

We have also seen aspirATion build momentum and become a tangible benefit to attracting new members in many Regions/Centres. An initiative I will continue to champion into the future to further strengthen and share best practice.

I continue to be involved in the Accreditation of our undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, and of the 34 currently Accredited, I have been involved with over 20. I continue to promote the highest standards of technical and creative excellence, focusing on preparing our graduates for the challenging employment market they are entering. Equipping them to develop and flourish as the future of the Institute at Regional, national and international levels.

I believe this is essential if we are to maintain our place as a lead professional body into the future.

Vice-President Practice: Eddie Weir MCIAT

Nominated candidate: Eddie Weir MCIAT

I feel greatly honoured and privileged to have the opportunity to address you once again with gratitude for the nominations for Vice-President Practice. It is hard to believe that my first term as your Vice-President Practice will shortly conclude. Although it has been an extremely busy couple of years, I am conscious that there will be even busier times ahead as the Institute continues to deliver its Corporate and Strategic Plans throughout the world.

Our Institute is most certainly at the forefront of our industry, and through the hardworking mind-set of its members and elected representatives, it will continue to draw strength from the connections and commitments of its talented people formed through genuine collaboration. For us, context and relevance are absolutely fundamental to everything that we do. When I sum up all the aims and visions contained in our aspirations, I have to tell you that our future looks exceptionally enticing, and the most thrilling part is that a significant proportion of those visions will within the next decade become real.

As your Vice-President Practice, I endeavour to be true, innovative and persuasive in all the matters and tasks that I am involved with and strive to achieve successful outcomes where it is for the betterment of the Institute. I shall continue as always to raise the profile of what we have already achieved by clearly articulating the objectives and strategic aims of the Institute. As an Institute we are incredibly effective at consultation and in establishing aligned support from our peers and the sister institutes within our industry. This is the conduit where we continue to enhance our recognition.

As always, I continue to promote the Institute's practice standards, policies and Code of Conduct and endeavour to ensure that the appropriate and relevant practice information documents and guidance are updated and available for our members to access.

I am the Principal Partner of Eddie Weir ADP, which since its conception in 1999 has grown into one of the most highly regarded architectural practices in Northern Ireland, with many projects throughout the Republic of Ireland and the UK. During much of this time I have served the Northern Ireland Regional Committee and proudly hold the position of Regional Chairman in addition to my Vice-President responsibilities. I was honoured to be a recipient of the prestigious CIAT Gold Award in 2014.

As an Architectural Technology and Management graduate of the Ulster University with over 25 years’ experience in practice, I am frequently invited to deliver presentations regarding Architectural Technology and architecture to other professional institutes and universities. 

I continue to represent CIAT on numerous Taskforces, councils and committees and speak on behalf of the Institute at a government level and at major-industry events on issues regarding Architectural Technology and our wider industry. 

Those who know me, know I am passionate and proud of my Institute and my profession. I pay tribute to the incredible work and commitment that we receive from our Practice Department, Central Office staff and the representatives that form our Executive Board and Council; and most importantly to you our members for all your support.  It is evident to all of us that the future of our Institute lies in effective collaboration by working together as a team and being strong leaders and decision makers. These are important key performance issues that we have in our Institute’s Corporate Plan.

I shall continue as always to promote the incredible ability of our members and Registered Practices. I look forward to your continued-support for this prestigious post at the forthcoming elections in September 2017.