Professionally Qualified Architectural Technicians, TCIAT, specialise in the application of technology in architecture. You will be an integral supporting part of the design team specialising in the research of products, processes, legislation and technology as well as detailing, designs and drawings.

Project inception
Professionally qualified Architectural Technicians are specialists in the collation, organisation and investigation of technical information for use during the development of the project design

  • Collating and organising technical information
  • Investigating technical information and factors that affect developments, including user needs, site and building surveys and regulatory requirements

Project planning

  • Monitoring health and safety in design
  • Preparing regulatory applications

Design process
Professionally qualified Architectural Technicians specialise in the application of technology to architecture, building design and construction. They are recognised as having specialist skills enabling them to use their technical knowledge and skills to provide innovative solutions

  • Preparing design proposals using CAD and traditional methods
  • Contributing to the detailed design process and co-ordinating detailed design information
  • Preparing specifications for construction work
  • Preparing drawings, plans and documents for statutory approvals
  • Contributing to design stage risk assessment

Contract management
Professionally qualified Architectural Technicians can participate in the process

  • Making site visits
  • Obtaining tenders for construction work
  • Contributing to meetings and document preparation

Professional practice
Whilst Technician members of CIAT, TCIAT, cannot practise on their own account, they are an integral part of the architectural design process. As architectural professionals they must adhere to a Code of Conduct

  • Liaising between members of the design and construction team
  • Providing professional technical guidance to design and construction teams
  • Undertaking Continuing Professional Development (CPD), possibly progressing towards Chartered Membership of CIAT, MCIAT, and a career as a Chartered Architectural Technologist 

To become a professionally qualified Architectural Technician, you can enrol on a Higher Diploma (HND) or Foundation degree or equivalent in Architectural Technology or built environment subject.