The Annual General meeting is the yearly business meeting for the Institute, as per the Laws of the Institute.

Each Region/Centre has representation at the AGM, which is its Councillor and the Voting Delegates, elected to represent you by your Region/Centre Committee.

The AGM will receive and debate the Resolution (s) put forward. Regions/Centres who wish to table a Resolution for consideration at the AGM will need to advise the Chief Executive in line with the timetable issued in the first quarter of each year.

Individual members have the right to submit a written proposal for consideration at the AGM as a Resolution. Such members may approach either their Regional/Centre Committee or the Chief Executive direct.

Annual General meeting 1973

Last year, the Institute's 13th Annual General Meeting was held at VIA University in Aarhus, Denmark.

At the AGM, the Resolutions were debated and voted on by the Regional and Centre representatives and the following were unanimously voted for:

  • To amend the Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures 2014
  • To amend the Code of Conduct 2014
  • To amend the Bye-laws 2010 regarding cessation and resignation of membership
  • To amend the Bye-laws 2010 to allow the aspirATion Groups' Chairman a vote at Council 


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