Beacon of Light
FaulknerBrowns Architects

The Beacon of Light is a unique activity hub consisting of four distinct interactive zones hosting activities in education, health and fitness, sport and play and the world of work. The building's stacked arrangement and distinctive colour-changing feature creates the appearance of a shining beacon, visible from vantage points around the city. The key design challenge was accommodating two inherently different spaces within one complex: a multi-use, sprung-floored, highly-conditioned sports hall, with specific acoustic and lighting requirements, and an 'outdoor' artificial grass pitch. 

The arrangement minimises the overall footprint – maximising external space for 5-a-side pitches – and creates height, emphasising it as a regional beacon. The design is simple and cost effective. The building is made up of a 'kit of parts' including brickwork, polycarbonate cladding, curtain wall glazing and tensile roof fabric. Its use of space creates a sense of welcoming, aspiration and inclusivity.