To support its members, the Institute offers an online platform to find relevant courses to support their professional development. The CPD Register is a directory of providers and their courses which have been deemed to be of a high standard, current and relevant to Architectural Technology professionals.


  • members are able to find courses which meet their learning needs and will provide them with an assurance that the course meets CIAT’s standards;
  • a more personalised, flexible and informal approach to members’ learning. 

Applications to join are made online and accepted courses will be added to the Register within 28 days of applying. 
Course content will be assessed against its currency, relevance and how professionally beneficial it is to Architectural Technology professionals. This includes determining whether it: 

  • Provides information to improve communication, conflict resolution, customer/client service, negotiation relevant to industry and practise.
  • Covers legal or relevant legislative/regulatory issues.
  • Provides updates on environment and sustainable issues
  • Expands on current/emerging topics, practises and/or technologies.
  • Provides health, safety and welfare briefings.
  • Provides information on budgets/contracts.
  • Develops the learner’s understanding of processes, materials, techniques, methods, technologies etc. 
  • Relates to client engagement, procurement, services and business practise.
  • The course content relates to the CIAT Professional Standards Framework or the built environment industry. 

Why apply?

Benefits of being on the Register include: 

  • Courses will remain on Register for 12 months and will be frequently updated to publicise the next available dates for the course (if applicable); 
  • Courses will be actively promoted to members via all media; 
  • The Register will be easily searchable by CIAT’s members. 

The total cost of having CPD course(s) provided by educational establishments is £636 and for other organisations the price is £939 these prices are inclusive of VAT. This includes the price of a non-refundable administration fee of £30 +VAT.

How will CPD be assessed?

Content will be assessed according to its currency, relevance and how professionally beneficial it is to members of CIAT. This includes determining whether: 

  • The aims and objectives outlined, the mode in which the CPD will be delivered, duration, location as well as intended audience are appropriate.
  • Promotion of service(s) and/or product(s) has been kept to a minimum.
  • The course content relates to the CIAT Professional Standards Framework or the built environment industry.

*CIAT Certification implies that the course content has been assessed for its suitability and relevance to the Institute’s members but has not been formally assessed against CIAT’s Professional Standards Framework. CIAT Certification does not include assessment or approval of course delivery or its outputs.

Terms and conditions

CIAT will select assessors based on their suitability in relation to the course content submitted. 

All decisions are final and correspondence regarding the outcome will not be entered into. 

CIAT reserves the right for reviewers to attend courses periodically free of charge in order to monitor and assure quality.

Offer 5 or more CPD courses on the CPD Register receive a 25% discount of the total fee. 

For any queries on the scheme please contact: 

Holly Banks, Education and CPD Administrator,; or 

Dr Noora Kokkarinen, Assistant Education Director,

or they can be contacted by telephone: 020 7278 2206