Low carbon GRP daylight solutions for the metal building envelope

Hambleside Manufacturing Limited manufacture a range of GRP products on our sophisticated continuous profiling production lines in Daventry. The products are made using a range of raw materials, including glass rovings and mats, varying fire resistant and retardant resins and pigments. This is where our rooflights are manufactured and assembled, and our sales and distribution activitie s take place.
We have the capability to manufacture bespoke products and so welcome all enquiries.

Hambleside-Danelaw prides itself on offering worthwhile technical CPD's as a way of educating designers and engineers the importance of light and the complex interaction of factors influencing daylight design especially in today's modern society

The seminar delivers an understanding of how: 

  • rooflight choices in relation to key performance 
  • requirements can impact on the overall contribution 
  • rooflights can make to the metal building envelope 


  • To establish the links between natural daylight, solar gain, U-value and em bodied carbon in the rooflight specification.
  • To detail key safety and thermal performance targets.
  • To explore best solutions, “trading off” and “trading up” to achieve a balanced performance from the daylighting plan.
  • To identify the performance and environmental benefits of GRP.


  • Understand the advantages of GRP translucent rooflights.
  • Understand the key concerns when specifying rooflights for the modern metal building envelope.
  • Understand the configuration choices available to address critical performance criteria.
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of these choices.

Cost/fee for attendance: £0.00

Name of CPD contact : Nicola Hancock
Address : Long March, Daventry, Northamptonshire, NN11 4NR
Email : nicola.hancock@ncsservices.co.uk
T : 07956 847533