In recognition of outstanding achievement by the student at an Accredited university, CIAT is offering the Award for Outstanding Graduating Student in Architectural Technology.

The Award will be presented to the graduating student from the Accredited Architectural Technology Honours degree programme at each Accredited university who, in the opinion of the programme leader, worked the best to their abilities, putting the greatest effort into their work. They will be presented a certificate of achievement and £50. The nominee must be a student member of CIAT.

Nominations should be submitted at the end of the academic year by using the application form here. The Education Department will then arrange for the issue of the certificate and payment. NB. the student student will need to contact Central Office with their bank details in order to receive their prize money. Cheques are not issued.

Please give nominations at least two weeks before the Awards Show/Graduation Ceremony to allow enough time to send out the certificate.