Bath | Fire safety for designers post-Grenfell

Seminar 2.30 pm-5 pm, 3 Dec 2019

A seminar questioning the existing complacencies around fire safety processes and regulations post-Grenfell

Since the introduction of CDM 2015, designers have welcomed the role of the Principal Designer and integrated health and safety into architectural design; in a similar way, so too can fire safety design be embedded. By working with other specialists in the industry such as the fire brigade, suitable methods of fire safety can be developed, which meet the recommendations of the Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety and create a protocol for the industry to deliver fire safety in all types of buildings.

The Building Regulations Approved Documents Part B include sound guidance but have become an over-complicated, semi-prescriptive, quasi-interpretive set of documents with too many options and alternatives. They are set out in an order that does not reflect the design process and are infamously difficult to follow without a clear and easily recorded statement of completion or compliance.

This seminar will introduce the RIBA Plan of Work for Fire Safety and demonstrate methods of producing suitable fire strategy drawings, fire specifications, schedules of fire resisting and stopping components and materials, management tools to ensure these are delivered on site and records of these issues for the Fire and Emergency File at hand-over. The industry must now show leadership to ensure fire safety in all our buildings and these are the first industry-changing steps.


Paul Bussey, Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

Paul is a RIBA Chartered architect who has diversified into a variety of technical design fields relating to statutory legislation and assisting designers with their integration into architectural practice. Leading AHMM’s CDM function, he has developed a methodology for integrating the Principal Designer role into everyday architectural practice.

Paul is a fellow of the Institute of Fire Engineers and has helped develop the RIBA Plan of Work For Fire Safety, in collaboration with the Association for Specialist Fire Protection. This is a framework for the delivery of projects, clarifying procedures, roles and responsibilities of those involved in building projects in the Post-Grenfell era.

Core Curriculum topics

  1. Legal, regulatory and statutory compliance
  2. Health, safety and well being
  3. Places, planning and communities

Seminar fees

RIBA/CIAT members £46 + VAT

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