Belfast: planning in Northern Ireland seminar

Conference 7 Dec 2017
Northern Ireland

This timely conference focuses on key issues for the planning system in Northern Ireland, bringing together policymakers and stakeholders.

Delegates will assess progress and next steps in relation to Local Development Plans, and examine latest thinking on how they can be developed effectively to shape area planning for the next 10 years.

Please note timings shown on this page are approximate.

They will also discuss the way forward in addressing challenges that applicants, planners and local authorities have faced since the transfer of planning powers, as well as how to achieve a more accountable and effective planning system.

Further sessions will consider ways in which local authorities can best support businesses through the planning system, and options for the Department for Infrastructure in developing a strategic planning policy which can act as a driver for local and regional economic growth.

Please note timings shown on this page are approximate. Venue in Belfast TBC.

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