Birmingham | Birmingham On the Rise

Conference 19 Sep 2019
West Midlands

‘Birmingham On the Rise’ will be an interactive exploration of the City’s past, present and future relationship with tall buildings and densification

The evening will focus on how built environment professionals can work together and support tall buildings and densification in Birmingham. This will start with debating the following key questions / challenges:

‒ What is driving the need to be taller and denser?
‒ Do we need to re-define ‘tall’ and ‘dense’ in Birmingham?
‒ What are the key locational requirements?
‒ How do we balance the ‘human scale’ and high quality design with cost?
‒ How do we integrate with existing neighbourhoods?

There will be an opportunity to network and discuss the past, present and future context of tall buildings and densification in Birmingham prior to and after the expert panel discussion.

Building Brum is a cross institute built environment networking series for members of CIAT, RIBA, RICS, ICE, RTPI, BIID, SBID, Landscape Institute, CIOB, NFB & ISE.

Tickets will be available from 2 August. For more information visit: