Florida | The Business of Building Design

Conference 8.30 am-10 pm, 8 - 10 Aug 2019
The Americas Centre

Learn from industry practitioners who are currently managing building design and construction firms and have done it well.


  • D&B Field Trip – Visit two Florida mansions, one under construction, designed by AIBD member and ARDA award winner, David Lesser.
  • D&B Cafe – Learn from each other at the Idea Swap Breakfast.
  • Educational Content –
    • How To Choose The Right Clients
    • How Much Should You Charge For Your Services?
    • W2 vs. 1099: How Contractors and Employees Differ
    • Architectural Copyright Law: Basics and Current Trends
    • How To Create A Contract For Your Design Business
    • Lessons Learned Operating A Design/Build Business
    • Time management
    • Social Media
    • Growing Your Small Business Growth

Special events:

  • Board of Directors and Board of Examiners meetings
  • The Annual Membership Meeting
  • The Compass Club Annual Appreciation Event
  • AIBD College of Fellows Inductions & Scholarships
  • The ARDA Awards Dinner

Visit aibd.org to find out more.


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