Hereford | Passive Fire Protection and Insulation by RICS

Seminar 5.15 pm-6.45 pm, 20 Jun 2019
West Midlands

A 1 hour seminar for those interested in fire prevention

The tragedies of major fire incidents in recent years has cast a spotlight on fire safety standards, building regulations and risk management. Passive fire protection forms a crucial part of integrating fire safety throughout the building lifecycle.

This session by the RICS CPD Foundation will discuss the myths and reality of fire rated foams, as well as the latest trends in the industry for passive fire protection and insulation, in order to ensure best practice. Different kinds of insulation and implementation methods will be discussed, including:

  • Fire rated foams
  • Intumescent smoke seals
  • Design and compliance standards
  • Implementation
  • Poor installation issues
  • Third party certification
  • Latest methods of fire compartmentation
  • New issues and trends

There is no cost for CPD Foundation subscribers but a charge of £35 for non subscribers.

For more information and to book your place, visit


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