Leeds | Yorkshire Region Bi-Annual Business Meeting

Region/Centre 6 pm-7.30 pm, 16 Sep 2019

Members of the Yorkshire Region are encouraged to attend the bi-annual business meeting

The meeting will include the formation of a Regional Committee who will then in turn elect members of that committee to the following roles:

  1. Chair
  2. Secretary
  3. Treasurer
  4. CPD Coordinator
  5. Education Officer
  6. aspirATion Group Coordinator
  7. Councillor (already in post)
  8. Deputy Councillor

The role of the committee is to act as a link between Central Office, Council and other Regions, up and down the country, promoting Architectural Technology and offering help and support to members. 

A key aim of the committee is to provide regular informative and challenging Continuous Professional Development (CPD) events across the year to assist members in achieving their annual goal of 35 hours of CPD. 

The event is free to attend and refreshment will be provided on the night.

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For further information contact Paul Smith on 07764 685847 or email enquiries@moliorgreen.co.uk


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