Leeds | Protective Security

Seminar 6 pm-8 pm, 26 - 25 Feb 2020

UK Government security advisor teaching about the necessary security-mindedness around digital building design and security advancements within the built environment

Want to know more?

If so, then come on down to the next Yorkshire CPD event in Leeds on Wednesday 26 February 2020.

We have organised a presentation by an experienced security advisor working for UK Government.

This building design training event will mainly focus on:

  • Securing the physical and digitally engineered world.
  • The range of malicious threats that face people, assets and infrastructure.
  • The palette of physical and personnel security countermeasures that can be designed into new and retrofitted infrastructure to mitigate those security threats.
  • The security-minded behaviours needed by professionals and their clients to manage risks during design.
  • How to apply security-mindedness to new challenges posed by developments such as BIM.

"You won’t know what subjects the speaker is going to talk about or who they are, and nor need you. Suffice to say it is a talk well worth going to, whatever area you deal with" - Chartered Architectural Technologist in another Region.

18:30-20:00, refreshments available from 18:00.

The venue will be Leeds Beckett University, final building and room name to be confirmed in a few days’ time.

You must register to attend and photo identification will be required. Please also note media/photographs/audio/video/onward reporting will not be permitted.

You can register here:



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