London | Parametric modulations: Computational design workshop

9.30 am-6.30 pm, 15 - 17 Jan 2020
Greater London

This three day workshop aims to provide a detailed insight into 'parametric design' along with understanding of data-driven design strategies

Parametric Design, in the history of architecture, has defined many rules for current designers and for future practitioners to follow. One of the strongest aspects that are prominent from this style is ‘geometry’. Arguably, there is nothing new about geometry and aesthetics forming the most prominent aspect of any style or era. The language of any style, in the long history of architecture, is visually defined by geometry or shape, beyond the principles that define the core of the style. In the distinguishable style of parametric architecture, geometry has played, and is continuing to play an integral role. And with this fairly young style, there are many associated strings of myths and false notions.

The workshop aims to provide a detailed insight into ‘parametric design’ and embedded logics behind it through a series of design explorations using Rhinoceros & Grasshopper platforms, along with understanding of data-driven design strategies. An insight to Computational Design and its subsets of Parametric Design, Algorithmic Design, Generative Design and Evolutionary Design will be provided through presentations, technical sessions & studio work. Studio work will be focusing on modulation of geometry and iterative form using Parametric Design methods that will lead to explorations of spatial geometries that can be articulated as architectural constructs or abstract artistic interventions. 


This workshop has been structured to teach participants the use of Grasshopper® (Generative modeling plug-in for Rhinoceros 3D) as a generative tool, and ways to integrate it with architectural design process. There will be a focus on parametric modulation of geometry that can lead to a design process that utilizes data to inform geometry and space through use of Grasshopper3D and its associated plug-ins that would be introduced during the 3-day program.

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