London | Plan of Work through the conservation lens

Seminar 10 am-12.30 pm, 5 Dec 2019

This seminar will provide an understanding of the complex issues to consider when dealing with projects involving historic buildings

The delivery of projects involving historical buildings requires a considered approach that uses the understanding of historical significance and conservation principles as the basis for decision making throughout the life of the project. This seminar will utilise practical project examples of varying scales to highlight the challenges encountered and will be structured based on the RIBA Plan of Work, covering:

  • The strategic brief stage: the importance of understanding significance and how this influences the brief, establishes the framework for development and the importance of identifying opportunities, constraints and potential risks. The level of survey information required will also be covered.
  • The developed design stage: the level of information required for approvals, including Listed Building, Planning, Conservation Area and Scheduled Ancient Monument consents and the complexity of dealing with detailed Planning and Listed Building conditions will be discussed.
  • The technical design stage: appropriate procurement methods and contract management, the level of detail required and the importance of clear recording methods to convey complex information will be covered. The impact of Building Regulations, including fire safety, will also be included.
  • The construction stage: the impact of discovering unforeseen issues on site, the challenges of managing unknowns within the constraints of restricted budgets and the importance of a team approach to issue resolution will be explained.

Core Curriculum topics

  1. Building conservation and heritage
  2. Places, planning and communities
  3. Legal, regulatory and statutory compliance

Seminar fees

  • RIBA/CIAT members £46 + VAT 

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