Sheffield | VR for Architecture

CPD Register 10.30 am-4 pm, 31 Mar 2020

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Immerse yourself in the virtual world of architecture!

The possibility of physically being in a design even as it's being created could mean a massive shift in the way architectural technology professionals work. Most VR setups consist of a headset or viewer, with the software generating what the user sees and experiences. When a user wears a VR headset, they're transported to a simulated 3D environment.

The VR for Architecture course has been accepted and included on the AT CPD Register. The aim of this course is to demonstrate how the sensation of actually being inside a building makes VR a powerful tool for communicating design intent.

This course is classed as 'structured CPD' as it is a formal learning activity designed to meet a specific learning outcome. CIAT members participating in the course can allocate at least two hours of learning.

Two identical sessions will run at 10:30 and 14:00.

Both cardboard and fully immersive VR exploration will be experienced by attendees with a complimentary cardboard viewer provided to all. 

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