Webinar | Managing teams in the 'new normal'

Webinar 2 pm-3 pm, 5 Aug 2020

CECA host a free webinar on managing teams in the 'new normal'

The current pandemic has resulted in a change to the working patterns for many of us. Even though some have continued to work throughout the lockdown and others are now being encouraged to return to work, there will be many who will continue to work from home or at a distance from their team. Every business will have faced different challenges, but it is clear that managers need to rethink how they support and manage their teams.

As well as keeping their team focused, agile and productive, managers must look after their teams well-being more than ever before.

This webinar will:

  • examine the challenges currently being faced by both managers and their teams
  • provide strategies and tools that managers can utilise to help their team adjust and adapt to the new normal
  • explain why going the extra mile will give managers the best possible chance of having a motivated team

By the end of this session you will:

  • understand the importance of providing everyone on the team with the support they need during times of uncertainty
  • be able to identify tools and techniques for communicating and staying connected
  • gain an appreciation of the importance of both your team's and your own well-being

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