aspirATion: Supporting, networking and developing young professionals

aspirATion supports students, recent graduates or newly qualified professionals entering the discipline as well as working with CIAT to help shape the future of Architectural Technology. It is a dynamic, forward-thinking and inclusive network, acting as the gateway into furthering your career within the discipline. 

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You can contact Alison Blow at Central Office by email or +44 (0)20 7278 2206. She will be more than happy to introduce you to your Region/Centre Committee as well as your aspirATion Group. Get in touch and become involved with aspirATion and CIAT!



Who contributes to aspirATion?

aspirATion is a community within CIAT providing the opportunity for young professionals to develop and grow on a personal and professional level, whilst inspiring the next generation of Architectural Technology professionals.

It operates at Region/Centre level across the Institute's Region's and two of its Centres (the Republic of Ireland and Europe Centre) with an aspirATion Chair overseeing their Group. These Region/Centre Groups are then represented nationally by the overarching aspirATion Committee. All aspirATion Chairs and those within their Groups are volunteers.

aspirATion Group Committee members at the Presidents' Ball 2019 in Glasgow

What does it do?

One of aspirATion's main aims is to welcome and assist students, graduates and newly qualified members into the profession. They host events, such as site visits, practice interviews, networking events and social gatherings. aspirATion offers so much more than just events however – aspirATion Groups engage regularly with schools and universities through presentations and careers fairs, helping to encourage the young professionals of tomorrow into the sector.

The aspirATion Committee Chair represents the Committee at Council, where aspirATion has a vote. The Chair is also responsible for collating all concerns and observations from students and the professionals they have engaged with and raise them at the aspirATion Group  Committee meeting. aspirATion collaborates with other groups within the built environment, including Novus (CIOB), Matrics (RICS), YEN (CIBSE) and FAN (RIBA). The aspirATion Chairs also work with their local CIAT Approved/Accredited programmes as well as Regional/Centre Committees.

Western aspirATion Group at a charity quiz night hosted with CIOB Novus

Why get involved?

With the aspirATion network located all over the country, the opportunities are endless; choose to attend an event, deliver a presentation or sit on an aspirATion Group. Your level of involvement is up to you. There is something for everyone in aspirATion. You may simply want to come along and meet some of your fellow Architectural Technology colleagues, maybe attend one or two CPD seminars, network at an event or seek some support through your local Chair. The continued success of aspirATion relies on new members getting involved, attending events and sharing their views.

How to get involved

It is very easy to get involved and there are many ways of doing so. If you know a Region/Centre Committee member, Programme Leader or aspirATion member, find out about when the next event, CPD or meeting is taking place, and introduce yourself. 

You can contact Alison Blow at Central Office by email who will be more than happy to introduce you to your Region/Centre Committee as well as your aspirATion Group.

Get in touch and become involved with aspirATion and CIAT!

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aspirATion magazine

aspirATion magazine is the magazine for aspiring Architectural Technology professionals.

The e-magazine is published twice a year and contains articles, features, student showcases, reviews, news and updates relevant to future and newly qualified Architectural Technology professionals. 

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