Group Membership Scheme (GMS)

Enjoy a waived application fee and 50% off your first annual subscription

If you are a practice or organisation with three or more paying members or applicants applying for any grade of membership (excluding student) then you are eligible to apply through the Group Membership Scheme (GMS) and save time and money in the process.

Financial benefits include:

  • waived application fee saving £70 per applicant.
  • 50% reduction in first year annual subscription per applicant saving a maximum of £103 (€119).
  • 25% reduction in future assessment fees when submitting en bloc, which is a maximum saving of £82 (€91) per applicant.

Other benefits include:

  • eligibility to apply for a licence to use the CIAT GMS logo
  • if five or more applicants are ready for their Professional Interview at the same time, the Interview Board can be arranged at your work place.

Applying for membership under the GMS

  1. If your organisation wishes to submit a GMS application, you should nominate a GMS coordinator to organise the collection of application forms and the payment of fees to the Institute. It is preferred that they are submitted en bloc to CIAT.
  2. Upon receipt of the applications, fees and supporting documentation, applicants will be advised directly of the progression of their applications.
  3. Although application fees are waived, subscription fees are not. Company cheques should be clearly marked ‘GMS’ on the reverse and accompanied by a list of individual fees together with the names and CIAT membership numbers, if applicable.
  4. An application form can be found on this website. These must be completed by the individual applicants.
  5. The Institute will contact the GMS coordinator to try and arrange an Interview Board at their work place or at a local Interview Board. If this is not feasible, applicants may be invited to attend their Professional Interview at Central Office.
  6. Please note that those applying under this Scheme will not be eligible for other membership incentives, such as Introduce a member.
  7. It is each applicant’s responsibility to advise the Institute of any changes in their circumstances.

Introduce a member

£40 reward if you introduce a new member

Introduce a friend or colleague to join the Institute and you will be rewarded for it!

Please submit details of a friend or colleague who wishes to join the Institute and upon acceptance of their application and payment of a year's membership subscription, you will be paid £40(€46) in appreciation. If you introduce more than one person you will receive £40(€46) for each. The following are not eligible: introductions made under other membership recruitment schemes or activity; re-introductions of lapsed members or enquirers.

I understand you will send a payment for £40 (€46) if the application is successful and when a year's subscription for membership has been paid.


CSCS Cards

Members can apply for CSCS cards to prove professional status whilst on site. The cards are increasingly demanded as proof of occupational competence by contractors, public and private clients and others. There are several cards available according to membership level and work situation.

  1. To obtain the Professionally Qualified Person's Card (PQP): the applicant must be MCIAT, TCIAT or ACIAT, pass the Professionally Qualified Persons Health and Safety test and submit two referees; one from an employer (which can also be a client) and one from another MCIAT, TCIAT or ACIAT member or James Banks, Membership Director (
  2. To obtain the Academically Qualified Person's Card (AQP): the applicant must be a profile candidate with a relevant academic qualification (HNC/HND/FdSc/degree or above) and pass the Academically Qualified Persons Health and Safety test and submit two referees; one from an employer (which can also be a client) and one from another MCIAT, TCIAT or ACIAT member or James Banks, Membership Director (
  3. Visitor's Card: there are two types depending upon level of escort required on site and these have different health and safety requirements. You will be required to take and pass the Operative Health and Safety test.
  4. Trainee Card: the applicant would be a student member, pass the Operative Health and Safety test and be working towards MCIAT or TCIAT or ACIAT.

Profile candidates whith no formal qualification can apply for the Technical Supervisory and Management Trainee Card.

For further information please call 0844 576 8777 or to download the application form please visit:

NB - CSCS will require original documents when applying and not copies.