To qualify as an Architectural Technician you must complete and successfully pass the assessment of your Architectural Technician Professional and Occupational Performance (POP) Record.

What is the POP Record?

A Professional and Occupational Performance Record, POP Record for short, is a statement of competence expected of a professionally qualified Architectural Technician. The POP Record sets out the standards which you must assess your own competence against with confirmation from a qualified professional, who will act as a Supervisor.

How does the POP Record work?

It is broken down into units and each unit is divided into two sections;

  1. Underpinning Knowledge — the knowledge you need and use to perform competently; and
  2. Performance Evidence — demonstration through work that you have the required competence.

If you have graduated from a CIAT Accredited degree you will be exempt from completing the Underpinning Knowledge requirements (except for units 15–17). If you have graduated from a CIAT Approved/Recognised programme you may be exempt from completing certain Underpinning Knowledge requirements. Contact the Membership Department for queries.

Evidence for your POP Record can come from any project or work completed by you. The evidence can be backdated, however you must ensure that you are able to provide the evidence when asked to submit it at the assessment stage. Student members can begin completing the POP Record whilst studying, using evidence from work completed during the programme, the year out placement or in employment.

If you need to find a Supervisor then you can contact someone in the Directory of Registered Referees/Supervisors.

The POP Record qualifying process:

If you are looking to qualify as an Architectural Technician, please contact the Membership Department.