Abu Dhabi launches interactive geological maps

Soil, hydrological and environmental data now available

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality has launched a Geospatial Information Management System, GIMS, a sophisticated smart electronic system for soil database that contains all geotechnical, geophysical, hydrological and environmental data, displayed on interactive geological maps.

The project has been undertaken in the context of the Abu Dhabi Emirate’s vision, a strategic plan designed particularly for the development of Abu Dhabi. It is also intended to complement the Emirate's future vision and establish a modern society and a competitive, sustainable and globally open economy with an advanced and innovative digital system.

Khalfan Sultan Al Nuaimi, Executive Director of Town Planning Sector at the Abu Dhabi City Municipality, said, 'The projects mainly serve decision-makers as well as future policy-makers as it provides a comprehensive soil map, and an integrated soil database for each area in addition to the uses of soil, especially during the design and construction phases of buildings. It involves conducting geological studies prior to establishing mega projects such as residential complexes, high-rise towers, bridges and tunnels.'

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