Architectural Technology professionals represented at Pride in London

A first for the AT LGBT+ community and CIAT at the Pride in London Parade on 6 July 2019

The Architectural Technology LGBT+ community was represented for the first time, as part of Building Equality, at Pride in London on 6 July 2019.

Over 30,000 people took part in the Parade which included the President Elect, Eddie Weir MCIAT, who marched to demonstrate solidarity and equality for all those in the LGBT+ community. This is the first time that the discipline and profession have been represented at a Pride event and is just the start of how the Institute is supporting the AT LGBT+ community.

Members proudly marched with other representatives from the built environment sector who are collectively part of Building Equality which is an alliance of construction based organisations and professionals working together to drive LGBT+ inclusion in the sector.

Eddie Weir MCIAT said "I am delighted to be marching with fellow members to celebrate and support the AT LGBT+ community. By coming together, we are demonstrating solidarity in the hope that everyone, regardless of their sexuality, are treated equally both in the built environment and across the globe."

CIAT will be marching with Building Equality at Leeds Pride and at Manchester Pride in the month ahead.

If any members would like to take part in the future or require support then please contact Adam Endacott, Communications Director, at Central Office.