Become a 'UKCW Role Model'

Submit a nomination for the 'UKCW Role Model' initiative which will take the most inspiring people working from across the built environment and help tell their story to inspire others to join

UK Construction Week is looking for professionals to apply or to be nominated. This is an opportunity for people to raise their own profile if they feel they deserve it, or for colleagues to nominate professionals they feel deserve recognition. This is a great chance for a company to raise its profile by showcasing its talent, as well as for unsung heroes to gain valuable encouragement, as well as help recruit a whole new generation of built environment professionals.

This aims at all walks of the sector, whether you are a newly qualified apprentice, or someone who has transferred into the sector. A diverse and representative selection is needed to show the world the myriad of opportunities and talent the sector holds.

Nathan Garnett, Event Director for UKCW explains, “We launched the UKCW Role Models initiative last year and were immediately impressed by the amount of amazing people out there. Their stories and achievements tell their own story and by putting them directly in front of those who are contemplating a career in construction, we are sure we can win hearts and minds”.

“We are planning our student programme again for the event in October, and we know how valuable this is for students to get enthused about construction, and they loved meeting the UKCW role models. So this year we are going to build a UKCW Careers Resource Centre as part of that programme allowing role models and people interested in construction to meet, gain insight and talk to the professional membership bodies.

Entries close on 26 April 2019.

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