Building Equality call for reps and members in South Wales and the South West

Building Equality are looking for representatives from companies and organisations to help drive Building Equality across South Wales and the South West.

Building Equality has started in South Wales and the South West! Following on from jointly attending Bristol Pride with Proud to Build and their meet and greet in Cardiff a few weeks ago, the current co-chairs (James, Ross and Chris) are actively seeking company and organisation reps and members from across the region.

The story so far

Building Equality in South Wales and the South West started when Ross and Chris met at the Building Equality awards held in Manchester, representing their own company's LGBT+ networks. Exchanging numbers, they vowed to set up a similar network in the South West and South Wales. The national chair of Building Equality tipped Chris off about James, who had expressed an interest in supporting Building Equality locally, and ever since the three co-chairs have been working hard to build up momentum in the region.

What is Building Equality?

Visit their website here Building Equality is an alliance of construction consultants, engineers, developers, contractors and institutions who are passionate about working together and harnessing collective power to drive LGBT+ inclusion in the construction industry. They are expanding across the UK with new regional networks being set up this year, including across the Bristol-Cardiff region.

Why get involved?

Building Equality is a great way to be part of an emerging network of similarly-minded individuals in the construction industry. They raise awareness about LGBT+ matters and create visibility, supporting and encouraging LGBT+ and Ally role models, embedding the importance of inclusive workplaces.

What's the commitment?

As much or as little as you want. Reps from companies are expected to contribute to determining what events to put on, to help consider how these might need paying (if required) and for promoting events. Don't worry about the money though! What's needed first is a bit of enthusiasm and traction to get the network up and running. Plus, the more companies and organisations involved the cheaper any events may be as costs are anticipated to be split across all!

How do I get involved?

Please contact Adam Endacott, CIAT Communications Director via email

Building Equality are looking for reps across the region to help promote, support and publicise events. This will be your opportunity to shape the direction of Building Equality within this region. For example, likely events for the next 12 months may include:

  • A networking event in both Cardiff and Bristol, with speakers and opportunities to meet other members.
  • Participation in both Cardiff and Bristol pride events.
  • Social events throughout the year.


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