CIAT and the Architectural Society of China sign Collaborative Arrangement

Signed in Beijing, the Arrangement will allow CIAT and ASC to collaborate in a number of areas.

The global reach of Architectural Technology has been further extended following the signing of a Collaborative Arrangement between CIAT and the Architectural Society of China (ASC).

This Arrangement will allow the two organisations to share information, knowledge, and best practice, thus promoting the skills, competences and professions of the members of both CIAT and ASC. It will also help to create a climate of collaboration that initiates a new direction for both organisations to better serve the professional needs of members, the built environment and wider society.

Areas in which CIAT and ASC intend to collaborate on include:

  • Supporting and promoting each other’s discipline, organisation, activities and publications where appropriate;
  • Facilitating networking and support for both organisations’ members and external partners, including universities;
  • Work together on projects and initiatives relating to architecture and Architectural Technology including jointly producing material or reproducing each other’s material;
  • exchange and respond jointly to consultations.

The Arrangement was signed by Francesca Berriman MBE HonDTech, CIAT Chief Executive and Li Cundong, Secretary General of the ASC.

Li Cundong, Secretary General of the ASC and Francesca Berriman MBE HonDTech, Chief Executive after signing the Arrangement

Speaking of the visit, Francesca Berriman MBE HonDTech said : “Following a meeting in London last year between CIAT and the Architectural Society of China (ASC), a delegation from the Institute was invited to China to formally sign a collaborative arrangement between the two organisations. During our week in China at the end of October, the ASC led a very insightful tour where we gained a great deal through meetings not only with the ASC, but with the Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Southwest Jiaotong University, Sichuan College of Architectural Technology and Southeast University.

“We are developing more detailed proposals on how CIAT and ASC will work together in the future, based upon our collaborative arrangement and our visit”, she continued.

Founded in 1953, the ASC is an independent body with over 100,000 members, approved and registered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and is a member of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST). It aims to unite and organise the professionals of architectural science and technology and to promote and develop architectural science and technology research by developing CPD events, improving academia and providing services to the development of urban and rural construction, among other activities. Read more here.

A full report on the visit will be featured in AT Journal.

To view the signed Collaborative Arrangement, click here.

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