CIAT-registered practice wins Award

Most Innovative Refurbishment Practice - Europe

A Cambridgeshire architectural practice has won 'Most Innovative Refurbishment Practice - Europe' in the 2018 Build Architecture Awards. It is the second year running that Cambridge Architectural Design has won awards for innovation. Director Lee Smith stated that 'we learn from every single project, not only architecturally, but in our business culture. We're the only practice I've ever known to open until midnight as standard, but it suits our clients who generally work standard office hours'. 
This practice is the first in the UK to offer working drawings in several European languages as well as accepting payments via mobile platforms.

The practice has also started using a unique location system that uses a three-word combination, which is unique to a specific 3mx3m square of the planet.

Mr Smith said 'It's easier than trying to remember a 16-digit coordinate and reduces the chances of human error while transferring data.'

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