Consultation: BS 9414:2019 Fire performance of external cladding systems

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The British Standards Institute (BSi) has, as part of their fire safety commitment and as a request from the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG), drafted a new standard: BS 9414:2019 Fire performance of external cladding systems – The application of results from BS 8414-1 and BS 8414-2 tests.


The standard provides guidelines on what variations are possible to cladding systems tested in line with the existing standards BS 8414-1 and BS 8414-2. It clarifies when systems should be subjected to a full-scale test or where the relevant results of existing test(s) can be used to understand the behaviour of the system.  It does so by setting out procedures and rules with which to evaluate variations and changes to products and systems tested in accordance with BS 8414.  Where appropriate, the draft standard also defines options and limits for preparing reports based on the direct and extended application criteria provided.


The standard covers the following systems:

  • Insulated and ventilated rain-screens
  • External thermal insulated composite systems (ETICs)
  • Self-supporting double skin metal faced insulating (sandwich) panels.


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In order that we can formulate a CIAT response to this, please forward any comments that you have to Graham Chalkley, Assistant Practice Director, by Friday 29 March 2019.  

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