Energy Performance Certificates in buildings: call for evidence

HM Government consultation

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are a widely used measure of the energy performance of buildings, both in the residential and commercial sectors in England and Wales, and are a key tool in promoting energy efficiency improvements to buildings.

HM Government is seeking evidence on how EPCs currently perform against three attributes:

  • quality
  • availability
  • encouraging action to improve energy efficiency

Suggestions for improvement are also outlined, many of which have been advocated by businesses and industry representatives. The list of suggestions is not exhaustive, and inclusion or exclusion should not be taken as an indication of government policy.

Additional ideas are welcome, as are views about the relative impact of the ideas listed, and how they might be implemented to best effect.

The government would like to hear from:

  • building owners and occupiers in both the domestic and non-domestic sectors
  • estate agents and others involved in the sale or lease of buildings
  • all parts of the energy efficiency products supply chain - EPC assessors, accreditation bodies, software providers and enforcement bodies
  • anyone else who regularly uses EPCs

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