Graduating twins awarded prestigious Class Medal from CIAT Centre of Excellence

Identical twins studying BSc Architectural Technology awarded a Class Medal from their university.

Isla and Chloe Roxburgh, 21, joined classmates at the Usher Hall last Thursday to both graduate from CIAT Centre of Excellence Edinburgh Napier with BSc in Architectural Technology, also a CIAT-Accredited Programme.

The students had performed so well academically – with virtually nothing between their marks – that leaders of the School of Engineering and the Built Environment took the highly unusual step of awarding them both a Class Medal.

Being university classmates had never been part of any long-term plan but, towards the end of high school, the sisters made separate decisions that they wanted to pursue a career in architecture.

The twins said lecturers found it difficult to tell them apart, and they were slightly concerned at the start of the course that they would be treated as a single person.

"This wasn't the case at all," said Chloe. "We ended up having a great relationship with our lecturers, and we were very much treated as individuals, which we really appreciated. They were super-helpful in giving us feedback on our coursework and providing overall support.

At high school, there were some people in our year who never knew there were two of us. They thought it was just the same person who had made slight changes to their appearance!"

As they celebrated their achievements, the twins – who both got first class degrees – told how the four-year course had been a mutually-supportive rather than an ultra-competitive experience. 

Chloe said: "We have different strengths and weaknesses so we were able to balance each other out and help the other whenever needed. It was just like having your best friend on your course."

Isla added: "There hasn't ever been competition between us – getting your honours degree is hard enough!"

Following graduation, Isla is employed as a technologist in Edinburgh, while Chloe is working as a designer in Perth.

However, both are considering returning to Edinburgh Napier to study for a Masters.

Professor Simon Keates, Dean of the School of Engineering and the Built Environment, said: "Both Isla and Chloe have performed to an exceptionally high standard throughout their studies at Edinburgh Napier and there was virtually nothing in terms of marks to separate them, so the school leadership team decided on this occasion to take the unusual step of awarding two Class Medals."


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