Help Dan increase his SAP score

Member calls for advice on blog

As you are no doubt aware a CIAT member Dan Rossiter MCIAT, runs a BIM-based blog looking at how he can apply BIM Level 2 process to his own home ( 

In this month’s post  Dan has completed the SAP calculations on his own and has asked for suggestions on how to refurbish his home with the aim of having a higher SAP score.
Through his blog Dan has provided readers with:

  • 3D models in Revit 2017, and IFC2x3
  • COBie as Google Sheets
  • SAP calculations in Google Sheets

 The best suggestions will feature on the blog next month and credit whoever proposed the idea.  For example, one idea has already been submitted by Thermal Economics who have proposed an internal dry-lining solution.
As the Institute of Architectural Technology, surely this is an opportunity to show off our skills and highlight our prevalence in this area?
Dan would prefer any suggestions to be submitted as a comment on the original blog post, but would happily accept any suggestions via twitter (@DRossiter87), LinkedIn, or email (  Suggestions can be anything from a simple 'What if you…?' with details on how it should impact on his current SAP score.

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