International Ethics Coalition (IES)

Find out more about the IES, a global Coalition, of which CIAT is a proactive member.

CIAT is a member of and a signatory to the IES, which is a collective of professional bodies, businesses and supporters which have established a universal set of ethics principles for real estate, built environment and related professions.

As a signatory, CIAT is involved with the promotion and implementation of these ethical principles. The Coalition meets remotely on a regular basis but also gathers once a year for a face to face meeting. This is important for CIAT as it provides direct interface with representatives from like-minded organisations from across the globe.

In 2018, Chief Executive Francesca Berriman MBE HonDTech and President Alex Naraian PPCIAT, attended the IESC meeting in Dubai as CIAT's trustee to the Coalition, where there were representatives from organisations from the USA, Australia, Philippines, UK, NZ, Africa, Canada and Europe.

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