Invitation to participate in research on effects of stress in construction industry

An invitation to participate in research on the effects of stress on employees working in the construction industry, as part of a third-year undergraduate project.

The research aims to assess the different effects which stress can have on an individual’s health when working in the construction industry. This research is only for employees working in Construction, regardless of their sector or role.

If you decide to participate, you will answer a series of questions with some asking for additional information if you wish to add. The questionnaire should take approximately 15 minutes and no longer than 30 minutes. There will be no information retrieved or published which has the potential to identify you. There are no right or wrong answers to these questions so please answer honestly.

The results from the questionnaires will be used to identify the causes of stress in the workplace, examine whether the role of an individual affects their level of stress and review whether employees are aware of any policies and procedures their company may have in place for individuals suffering from mental health.

The link to the questionnaire is here.

Please find the participant information sheet here.

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