June Executive Board Briefing

Here is a brief resume on some of the key discussion items which took place at the recent Executive Board in June.

As President, I am committed to keeping members updated on the work the Institute is doing for you, the discipline and the Industry. I believe it is not only important to keep you informed about what work is taking place but also the rationale behind them. Here is a brief resume on some of the key discussion items which took place at the recent Executive Board in June.

City Road refurbishment
The refurbishment of 397 City Road is essential to modernise and provide an efficient functioning working and meeting space for the increased number of staff and level of activity. This work will bring new life to our Central Office working environment adding value to the property.

Gender Pay Gap Report
The Board approved the publication of the Institute’s Gender Pay Gap Report available here: 

Gender Pay Gap Report 2017


Electoral Review 
This project to review the electoral process for the Honorary Officers (including that of President) of the Institute is ongoing and very shortly you will be invited to complete a survey in relation to this with your preferred options on one of the proposed models; please take the time to complete the survey.

Membership Review 
The Board approved the holistic review of the membership grades which is being led by the Membership Department. Updates will be fed via the Board, Council, directly with the members, as necessary and at the AGM.
Building Regulations and Fire Safety [The "Hackitt" Review] - Building a Safer Future
The Institute is maintaining its direct and active participation in this work; regular updates are featured in AT Weekly and are on the website. I encourage you to keep yourselves updated on this.
Scotland: “Cole Report”
The Institute continues to be heavily involved in this.  There are currently two live Building Regulations consultations which are directly related to outcomes of the Cole Report that members have been at the heart of and I ask that you please take time to complete. The surveys are featured in AT Weekly.  The Scottish Building Standards Division are also holding free stakeholder events dealing with upcoming changes to the Building Regulations for Compliance and Fire Safety over the next couple of months which I encourage you to attend. I encourage you to keep yourselves updated on this.

Review of Conduct & Disciplinary Procedures and Code of Conduct 2018
The Institute has been undertaking a Review of both the Conduct & Disciplinary Procedures and Code of Conduct, with Resolutions being prepared for the 2018 AGM. Legal opinion has been sought with the final paper being presented to Council for approval prior to issue to all members in October.
The meeting was incredibly stimulating and productive with agenda items focused on implementing the Strategic and Corporate Plans and are therefore pivotal to the profession, discipline and Institute. The function of the Executive Board is different to that of the Council. Council’s role is as the Electoral College and also the strategic forum. 

Council next meets on 8 September 2018. This meeting is where all the Region/Centre Councillors along with the Honorary Officers come together to discuss Institute business, review the strategy and receive reports. This September, Council will also be running the elections of the Honorary Officers and for Councillor Trustees. For more information on the candidates for the Honorary Officers, and how you can feed your views into your Region/Centre Committee please click here.

If you wish to effect change or for a paper to be considered, please liaise with your Region/Centre Committee on the process for doing this. The process for submitting papers for consideration by Council or the Institute should follow a set format, which can be obtained from your Region/Centre Councillor, Chairman or Secretary or direct from Central Office, via Francesca as Chief Executive – berriman@ciat.org.uk 

If you would like to discuss any of the above in more depth then please do contact me via email at: president@ciat.org.uk 

Alex Naraian PCIAT

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