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Mentoring and support                                                                                          
The Institute has two mechanisms in place to support and assist members with guidance and as a professional you are encouraged to give something back.

Areas of support include:
Membership progression/qualifying, Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Education /Careers, Setting up in practice/offering services, Employment/jobs, International- support from our Centres, Awards. Media/PR, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Leadership/management

Technology Network is a directory of members willing to give guidance to other members. The main aim of Technology Network is to put members with experience in different areas, in touch with each other for guidance and support. Some members who work in isolation, benefit from contact with others in their field, as do newly qualified members experiencing teething problems.

For further information on Technology Network or to sign up visit the members' area at

MentorMatchMe allows experienced members who act as  mentors to assist other members working in the industry in a variety of areas by providing a range of support, advice and  guidance to the mentees. The platform also encourages e-learning. It supports a wide range of learning and development resources. To sign up as a Mentor or Mentee visit:

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