More landlords will have to improve energy efficiency

More landlords will be forced to upgrade the energy efficiency in some of the coldest homes in England and Wales

More landlords will have to improve the energy efficiency of their homes due to a change in government policy.

Lanlords of the homes rated with the worst energy bands (F and G) havbe been required since April to upgrade them to at least band E or be prohibited from taking on new tenants.

It had been proposed that lanlords who faced costs of over £2,500 would be exempt from making upgrades but on Monday the govenment announced it was lifting this cap to £3,500 making fewer landlords exampt.

Max Wakefield, the lead campaigner at green group 10:10 Climate Action, told the Guardian: “Whilst this move is a step forward the government has chosen not to take the advice of fuel poverty campaigners by setting a higher landlord cap of £5,000.

“This means that those in the very worst homes will still be left in the cold.”

Energy minister Claire Perry said:  "While the vast majority of landlords take great pride in the properties they own, a minority still rent out housing that is difficult to keep warm. Upgrading these homes so they are more energy efficient is one of the most effective ways to tackle fuel poverty and help bring down bills for their tenants, saving them £180 a year.

"Everyone should be protected against the cold in their own home and today’s announcement will bring this reality closer."

The cap is expected to come into force at an indeterminate date in 2019. Until then, landlords can claim an exemption regardless of the costs they face.

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