RIBA Professional Services Contracts 2018

Endorsed and supported by CIAT, the new RIBA Professional Services Contracts are now available

Launched in October 2018, the new RIBA Professional Services Contracts are a suite of agreements that can be used for the provision of built environment consultancy services across projects of every scale and complexity. This new suite complements the RIBA Building Contracts which were launched in March 2018, and together they offer flexibility, helping designers to deliver a high-quality service to their clients. The suite is endorsed and supported by CIAT.

RIBA Professional Services Contracts 2018

  • Standard Professional Services Contract 2018
  • Domestic Professional Services Contract 2018
  • Concise Professional Services Contract 2018
  • Sub-consultant Professional Services Contract 2018
  • Principal Designer Professional Services Contract 2018

RIBA Building Contracts 2018

  • Domestic Building Contract 2018
  • Concise Building Contract 2018

Key benefits of the RIBA Contracts 2018

  • Developed through an extensive drafting and consultation process involving constructions lawyers
  • Written in plain English that is easy to understand
  • Based on the provisions and stages in the RIBA Plan of Work
  • Updated to reflect current best working practices
  • Up-to-date with current legislation

RIBA Contracts Digital
The RIBA Contracts 2018 are available in digital and paper formats. Generating your contract online allows you to create, alter, manager and view all of your contracts in one secure location before printing the final contract.

RIBA Contracts Guides

  • Guide to RIBA Professional Services Contracts 2018
  • Guide to RIBA Domestic and Concise Building Contracts 2018

These guides explain how to use, understand and get the most out of the RIBA Contracts 2018. Clearly laid out and easy to use, they take the user through the entire journey of completing the contracts.

Find out more at ribacontracts.com

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