Enter the Rushlight Awards

Recognising 'sustainability champions'

The Rushlight Awards, supported by CIAT, are now open to entries, with an impressive range of entrant benefits and prizes. The deadline for entries is 30 November.

To enter, just go to www.rushlightevents.com/rushlight-awards and follow the instructions in How to Enter.

The Rushlight Awards are an established event recognising the cleantech stars and sustainability champions of today. They are the only independent set of awards designed specifically to support and promote all the latest clean technologies, innovations, programmes, installations and initiatives for businesses and other organisations throughout UK, the Republic of Ireland and internationally.

There are 25 separate categories covering renewable energy, clean fuels and transport, energy efficiency, power generation, green products and services, sustainable agriculture, forestry and biodiversity, water, waste and resources, sustainable manufacturing and services and environmental measurement and management. There is a category for any technology, innovation, programme or initiative that reduces the environmental footprint of energy, transport, industry and everyday life.

The Rushlight Awards are open to all types of organisation at any stage of corporate development, including individual inventors, early stage companies, charities, universities, SMEs, quoted companies and multi-nationals.

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