You've helped make a difference

Charity's message to CIAT supporters

A message from CIAT-supported charity Youth and Families Matter (YFM)

It’s almost a year ago now that the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists helped raise a fantastic £6113.01 for our charity Youth and Families Matter (YFM). The evening, arranged and hosted by the South East Region saw attendees get involved in a raffle, silent auction and photo booth as well as enjoying great food and drink.

12 months on, we thought we’d share how the money has been spent.

The money has helped fund our 1:1 schools mentoring programme. Our Schools Worker and Youth Workers are currently in seven of the local primary and secondary schools. They work with children and young people on a 1:1 basis. These children are experiencing a whole range of difficulties including anxiety, bereavement, challenging behaviour and troubled home lives with many at risk of exclusion. Support at this time can make all the difference to the children. Sometimes they just need a listening ear, sometimes more intervention is needed and other agencies need to be involved. Building and forming a relationship with these children is key to helping them through some really difficult times.

The money raised by CIAT has helped fund over 500 hours of 1:1 sessions...that’s the equivalent to seeing 20 children each week for just over 6 months.

This service is valued by many. One headteacher commented: 'It’s great to see troubled youngsters become increasingly able to come to terms with difficulties in their lives and become confident, happier members of our school community. Your impact is clearly evident.'

And for the children and young people, the impact is staggeringly evident:

‘Lucy’ at age seven was already self-harming and had begun running out of school. Due to a very unsettled home life and exposure to criminality, she had extremely low self-esteem and was vulnerable to harmful influences. The consistent support our Schools Worker provided helped Lucy turn her behaviour around and, even now, she still values the support of our Schools Worker and requests to see her.

We are a small charity based in Totton, Southampton. Through a programme of courses, activities, groups and a food bank we work to improve the wellbeing of children, young people and families in the community. As with many charities we are reliant on grants, fundraising and other initiatives to raise money to support our work. Without fundraising events like the one organised by the CIAT South East Region last year we would struggle to continue to do what we do.

Thank you again for the great evening and the fantastic amount of money you raised. The money has really made a difference.